Software for building and constructing trucks and trailers

In TrailerWIN you will find a large database with trucks, cranes and equipment and you can easily build up complete truck and trailer combinations with equipment while getting real-time axle load calculations.


Crane Stability Calculation software

CraneWIN helps you to determine the need for additional stabilizers and also find out critical lifting directions.


Subframe calculation software

It helps you to choose a suitable subframe-profile when assembling crane and tailgate lifters on trucks or trailers.


Turning calculation and advanced turning simulation software

In CornerWIN you can choose from many different simulations and "drive" the combination on the screen. You will see the complete turning motion with minimum distance from centerpoint and also the turning angles for steerable axles.


Pulling force and vehicle speed calculation software

The program offers information on engine performance, gearbox ratios and rear axle ratio. Contains data for Iveco, Man, Mercedes and Hino models. The user also has the possibility to select tyres and define the vehicle mass.

BusWIN & SeatingPlan

Advanced turning calculations and turning simulations for buses

In BusWIN you have several bus chassis to choose from a list with pre-defined data. You can also modify the data and give body measures to get the turning radius and rear-end outswing calculations.


Theoretical brake calculations for trailers, semitrailers and dolly

BrakeWIN does the theoretical brake calculation for trailer brakes. You can choose: axles, tyres, brake cylinders, levers, valves (also EBS valves included), from the menu in listboxes.

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