TrailerWIN Demo

Want to try out the TrailerWIN software?

You can download a demo version of TrailerWIN to get a feel of what the software is capable of and test different features of the program. Please note that the demo version has restricted user accessibilities and contains only a limited part of the large database of trucks and equipment that are found in the full version of the software. To have all functions and a full database You need to buy the full version of the software.

A demo version is available both as an "EU-version" with kg:s and meters and as an US-version with lbs and inches.

Download link

To download the demo, please fill in Your contact details in the form. Please note that You need to fill in all required data and make sure that the e-mail address You give is correct. After you submitted the form You will automatically get a download link sent to Your e-mail address. Click on the link in Your e-mail to download the demo installation file and save the file on Your computer:

start the installation by selecting "Run".

Data collection & marketing

When You download the demo-version we will ask You for contact information and e-mail address and we will also collect the IP-address. The e-mail address is used to send the link from where You can download the demo-program, please make sure that the address is correct otherwise You will not be able to download the demo-version. The information gathered can be used for targeted marketing campaigns from Trailer Consultation, the information can also be shared with our dealers weather You live in a country where we have a dealer. The data collected will not be shared to other people or non-affiliated

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