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Vidaco d.o.o is a dynamic and focused company backed by the expert team and technical agility. We have the diversified resources to execute the perfect project and maximize productivity for our clients.

Scope of Work

NEW: Anti-Covid Solutions for Protected Areas

Reliable solutions to ensure effective separation and correct anti-contagion spacing in open plan work environments, in direct contact with users or customers, such as offices, common company spaces, bars, restaurants, etc.

This particular moment of virus emergency is obliging the entire world to find new ways for restarting all our working activities with more attention to protect our working places in offices, factories and schools and in all those places where people meet and stay too close like canteens, restaurants, bars, etc.

We know that several people are offering cheap solutions in this moment because there is a great demand for protected areas.

That’s why we worked out a range of highly industrial/professional products

Automation & Robotics

Simulation and prototyping

Design and elaboration of Robotic cells and Automated lines

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3D CAD design and technical documentation

Programming and simulation of robotic cells

We provide all Mechanical Services under one-roof, including: Assembly drawings, MEP drawings (Mechanical Electronics Plumbing) designing, Fabrication drawings, Cad conversion, Reverse engineering, & Mechanical 3D modeling.

Fabrication, Assembly And Commissioning

We are capable of delivering „Turnkey“ projects regarding Assembly, Fabrication of all kinds and Commissioning all-around the world.


Vechicle Homologation

Are you doing changes to your truck, a trailer or a car? You’d like to add some new devices or to improve functionality of your vehicle? You need to do the testing before vehicle registration. We can provide complete solution, mechanical drawings and calculations for you, so that your vehicle is safe and properly designed.

  • Technical documentation
  • Making of technical documentation for vehicle atestation
  • Technical calculations and drawings
  • Making of technical calculations and drawings
  • Technical calculations
  • Consulting
  • TrailerWIN (Exclusive resseller for CRO, B&H, SRB and SLO)

We have long term experience and collaboration with CVH (The Vehicle Center of Croatia), as well as expertise in the field of technical documentation for trucks and trailers modification. We offer consulting, technical calculations, drawings, technical documentation for attesting vehicles of all kinds. You can get complete technical support in one place so you can prepare/modify/build and register your modified vehicle.


Standard program support for almost all world’s manufacturers of trucks, cranes and equipment.

Starting January 2017, we are exclusive reseller of TrailerWIN software packages on territory of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Hercegovina!

Safety for all kinds of machines

VIDACO d.o.o. is representative and exclusive reseller of REPAR2 Company products in the field of Industrial Machine Safety. They are visually attractive, top quality made and functionally superior; all that ensures that injuries and damages are cut off to the minimum.

Industrial LED Lamps

For machine-tools, plants and workbenches

NIK Led Security is the new family of power Led Lamps for a quality lightning.
A wide selection of models can satisfy the different needs in the working space: the Led Security lamps have an ideal use for machine-tools, plant and machinery, workbenchs and various uses, and are available with different kinds of power supply and ip protection grades from IP20 to IP67.


The long life time is guaranteed by strong and solid structures and all the leds are placed on aluminium for the best thermal dissipation.
Energy savings is up to 85% compared to traditional lamps, the lifetime is over 40.000 hours and the low operating temperature make them very interesting for the reduction of costs and the ecological aspect.

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Important Notice:

Update concerning COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Dear Madam/Sir,


Given the current situation and developments related to coronavirus (COVID – 19), VIDACO d.o.o. has taken and will continue to take all precautions to protect and ensure the safety of all of us, both clients and employees.


In accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Administration regarding the emergence of the coronavirus COVID -19, we would like to inform you that in the following period, if possible, contact VIDACO d.o.o. address electronically or by telephone (instead of direct arrival), unless the nature of the job requires a personal visit.


All official e-mail addresses and telephone numbers can be found on the VIDACO doo web site.

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