Design and elaboration of Robotic cells and Automated lines

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Fabrication and Assembly

Simulation and prototyping

3D CAD design and technical documentation

Programming and simulation of robotic cells

Industrial LED Lamps

For machine-tools, plants and workbenchs

Safety of all kind of machines

VIDACO d.o.o. is representative and exclusive reseller of REPAR2 Company products in the field of Industrial Machine Safety. They are visually attractive, top quality made and functionally superior; all that ensures that injuries and damages are cut off to minimum.

We have long term experience and collaboration with CVH (The Vehicle Center of Croatia), as well as expertise in the field of technical documentation for trucks and trailers modification. We offer consulting, technical calculations, drawings, technical documentation for attesting vehicles of all kinds. You can get complete technical support in one place so you can prepare/modify/build and register your modified vehicle.

Vechicle Homologation

  • Technical documentation
  • Making of technical documentation for vehicle atestation
  • Technical calculations and drawings
  • Making of technical calculations and drawings
  • Technical calculations
  • Consulting
  • TrailerWIN (Exclusive resseller for CRO, B&H, SRB and SLO)


Standard program support for almost all worlds manufacturers of trucks, cranes and equipement

VIDACO d.o.o. main business is to provide support and service on following field of expertise:


1. Automation and Robotics in Industry

2. Machine safety

3. 3D CAD services and training

4. Technical documentation for attesting all types of vehicles


Starting January 2017, we are exclusive reseller of TrailerWIN software packages on territory of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Hercegovina!


VIDACO d.o.o. is representative for leading producer of machine safety equipment in Europe. Security of your employee and your machines are our primary goal.


We can provide all type of 3D construction, transferring your old 2D drawings to 3D models, simulations, prototype designs, etc.


Are you changing your truck, trailer or car? Are you adding some new device and functionality to your vehicle? You need to make a testing before register it. We can provide complete solution, mechanical drawings and calculations for you, so you will have properly designed and safe vehicle.


If you need to move your process to fully automatic mode, do not hesitate to contact us for the best solutions for your needs.


Feel free to contact us!


Dražen Škrlec
– Founder of Vidaco d.o.o.



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Automation & Robotics

Vehicle Attestation


Machine Safety

Industrial LED Lights